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Our Beginning 

Salmon Plate

Scott Perry was raised in Charleston, SC and fell in love with the type of food and memories every kid should have. Picking fresh berries and making whipping cream with your family while juice is running down your face after every bite. Grabbing tomatoes on the way home from a small cart on the side of the road, then turning those tomatoes into the best salads and B.L.T.’s you could ever ask for. It’s the love of simple food and high-quality ingredients that really makes Hometown feel special.

Our goal is simple “we aim to create an atmosphere that will exceed our guest expectations, with passion for incomparable service standards and seasonal craft menus curated with the highest quality ingredients.”. Using fresh quality ingredients and building every dish from scratch is exactly how we get there.

Chef Perry has been cooking in scratch kitchens for the last 20 years, from restaurants in Charleston to D.C. such as the Occidental Grill and 701. Opening Hometown in 2021 was and will always be a great experience. Taking over a second-generation restaurant and restoring it was no easy task but well worth it. Giving back to the community and being able support local vendors is the definition of hospitality to us. We change menus seasonally and are always looking for inspiration.

We look forward to welcoming you into our home..

Food Redefined 

Our Mission is to deliver seasonal local ingredients and curate them into dishes that elevate your dining experience.

We don't compromise we deliver. 

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Hometown Grill and Bar